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The library is governed by an independent Board of Trustees.

LibraryBoardThe Library Board is responsible for overseeing the establishment, management, and maintenance of the library.

The Library Board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00pm.


Jean Steinmann


Angie Becker


Judy Kampwerth

Yvonne Ratermann


Bonnie Holzinger
Board Member

Gwen Fischer
Board Member

 Jim Sprengel
Board Member


Mary Heeren
Board Member

Cyndi Riley
Board Member






View Our Library Agendas and Minutes Below 

                                      MAY  2018 AGENDA


       I. Call meeting to order.

       II. Establish a quorum and approve agenda.

      III. Secretary's Report.

       IV. Treasurer's Report

        V. Librarian's Report.

       VI. Committee reports.            
      VII. Unfinished Business
     VIII. New Business



                                   APRIL 2018 MINUTES

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by President Jean Steinman.

Trustees Present:  Cyndi Riley, Jim Sprengel, Gwen Fischer, Judy Kampwerth, Angie Becker, Jean Steinman, and  Bonnie Holznger

Trustees Absent: Yvonne Ratermann

Also attending: Kelly Zurliene, Librarian.

A quorum was established and the agenda approved.

Secretary's Report:
A motion was made by Judy Kampwerth to approve the secretary's report, Gwen Fischer  seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer's Report:
   The $100 petty cash item was questioned.  Kelly Zurliene said she had not taken any petty cash out in February so did a $50 withdrawal then $100 later.   She will withdraw $100 each month after this.
   Also questioned was the $300 for Tech Electronics.  This is the annual maintenance fee.  The library should run a practice drill monthly and Kelly will contact Tech Electronics to set up a schedule. 
   Gwen Fischer  made a motion to approve the Treasurer's Report.  It was seconded by Angie Becker and approved on a roll call vote. 

Librarian's Report

  * Thanks to all for attending.
  *  About 40 were here for Celia's Singalong Dance Party, March 27th.
  *  Background checks for staff and regular volunteers were completed satisfactorily.  Background checks will continue to be completed on any future full-time employees and regular volunteers.
  *  Jim Astroth will be here to install the firewall on the computers.
  *  A total of 241 have attended the various programs in March.  Knit Night - averaging 8-10, Book Club - started with 8 and now averaging 12 (plus others who read the book but don't attend) and Storytime - averaging 40 kids and adults.
  *  Karen Schubert presented a program Wednesday, April 4, oon hosting a foreign exchange student.
  *  National Library Week is April 8-14.  Those visiting will be invited to list a favorite author or book or share a library memory on a paper heart to be displayed.  Visitors can also guess the total number of books owned by the library with the closest to the correct total receiving a Kindle Fire.  An article on the activities was submitted to the Breese Journal; Kelly will post on Facebook.
  *  Three logos were presented - one featuring a child reading under a tree, one with books open to the left and one with an open book on top.  The logo featuring open books to the left was approved with the stipulation that the wording be made darken/bold.


Committee reports: none

Building and grounds - none

Book Committee - none.

Policy Committee - none

Finance Committee - none

Unfinished Business:

   *  The budget will be included on the May agenda.  Kelly met with the Germantown Librarian who uses Quick Books - she hopes to do the budget with that software.

New Business:

   *  The roof by the back entrance leaked.  President Jean Steinman will notify Gary Usselmann who is the library's liaison with the City of Breese.
   *  Discussion on having a Christmas in the spring party for trustees and staff was discussed.  A date will be set at the next meeting.
   *  On a motion and second by Cyndi Riley and Bonnie Holzinger and appreciation from all, officers if they have no objections, will remain the same:  President, Jean Steinman, Vice-President, Angie Becker, Treasurer, Judy Kampwerth and Secretary, Yvonne Ratermann. 

 Bonnie Holzinger made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:04 p.m. and it was seconded by Cyndi Riley.

The  next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1,2018 at 8:00 p.m.


_____________________      _________________________
Jean Steinman, President            Mary Heeren, Acting, Secr.           



                         APRIL 2018 AGENDA

       I.     Call meeting to order.

      II.     Establish a quorum and approve agenda.

     III.    Secretary's Report

     IV.    Treasurer's report

      V.      Librarian's Report
                   A. Recap from last month
                   B. Programs and activities coming up
                   C. Gas mileage log
                   D. New fax machine/printer or fix current fax/printer
                   E. Upcoming Board meeting Dates - look at July 2018 and
                        January 2019
                   F.  Logo vote.

    VI.     Committee report
    VII.    Unfinished Business
    VIII.   New Business

                                MARCH 2018

The Meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by President Jean Steinman.

Trustees present:  Bonnie Holzinger, Jean Steinman, Mary Heeren, Judy Kampwerth, Jim Sprengel and Yvonne Ratermann.

Trustees absent: Gwen Fischer, Yvonne Ratermann and, Angie Becker.

Also attending: Kelly Zurliene, Librarian.

A quorum was established and the agenda was approved.

Secretary's Report: A quorum was established. Bonnie Holzinger made a motion to accept the Secretary's Report.  Cyndi Riley seconded it and the Secretary's report was accepted.

Treasurer's report: Members questioned the $992 for 29 audio books from Bestseller's Audio.  This is less than $35.00 each --an average cost. Mary Heeren made a motion  to approve the Treasurer's Report, seconded by Judy Kampwerth.  Roll call vote was approved unanimous.

Librarian's report:
Reports on current accounts, payroll, check-puts, hour of service, etc. were included in packets.
   * The library will host a SINGALONG DANCE PARTY at 1 p.m., Tues. March 27, (originally March 20) with guitarist/singer Celia Shacklett  performing songs from Burt Bacharach, Carpenters, Louis Armstrong, etc.  Notices were sent to the Villas, Legacy Place (now Cedarhurst), St. .Dominic's and St. Augustine's and will be to St. John's UCC.  Kelly plans a facility tour for anyone interested especially Large Print and Books on Tape/CD.  Mary Heeren will draft and distribute a news release to area newspapers and radio stations.
   * Tuesday's Knit Night attracted eight new and returning participants. The libary has also had a number of inquiries.
   *  Kelly sent an e-mail to board members on upcoming events.  Did everyone receive?  She'll continue to send out notices on a regular basis to keep everyone up to date.
   *  228 attended recent programs with Storytime accounting for m uch of the participation.
   *  Siblings and Co. visited the library.  Kelly led a welcome song using rhythm sticks, read a book to the kids and gave them time for free play and reading.
   *  Cyndi Riley said the Breese Journal has end rolls of newsprint.  She will drop off several.
   *  Kelly met with Central High School Librarian Britni Hogg about a possible summer Teen Book Club.  Mater Dei High School already has a book club and Kelly will reach out to that sponsor before picking titles so as not to duplicate.  The group would cover six books and meet alternating weeks during the summer.
    *  Jim Astroth provided a quote of $700 for labor to install a firewall on each of the nine public and staff computers.  Kelly and/or board member need to determine what or what not to block. She will also poll area libraries on their standards.
   *  Three-year quotes for software were presented:  $1,978 from Savvy, $2,102 from CDWG and $2,039.99 from PCMG. One-year quotes were lower but substantially higher when multiplied out.  Astroth said the lowest quote is okay.
   *  A question was raised if the software would transfer to any new computers. Kelly will ask.
   *  A motion and second were made by Mary Heeren and Cyndi Riley to accept Jim Astroth's proposal for labor and the $1,978 quote from Savvy for software.  The motion was approved on a roll-call vote.
   *  Kelly Zurliene met with Serpentine in Carlyle concerning a new library website.  Among Kelly's recommendations is a direct link to the Share site connecting to the Illinois Heartland Library System catalog and photos of new books available.  She showed examples of both.
   *  Serpentine's cost is a one time fee of $860 to desing, build and launch the six page website (the price goes up for seven or more pages) then $245 annually for webhosting, domain name registration (breeselibrary.org), certification, etc. This would not include e-mail which is hosted through IHLS.  A committee will be formed to discuss content.
   *  Seeking additional quotes was discussed but the board decided it was not necessary.  Kelly has met with the City of Breese Business Adminstrator Shelly Schadegg who is also researching a new website and her information has shown that Serpentine offers the lowest quote and best quality.
   *  Kelly presented several examples of logos with various colors, graphics, etc.  Further discussion of a new logo will be done via e-mail.  If a board member would like a bigger role in helping design the library website and/or logo please let her know.
   *  On a motion and second Bonnie Holzinger an Cyndi Riley.  Serpentine's proposal was accepted on a roll call vote.

Committee Reports:

   Grounds and building: none
   Finance Committee: none
   Book Committee: none

Unfinished Business: A form for background check authorization was passed around and corrected.  Breese Police will also review the form and it will then be used for any new library employees and any regular library volunteers.

New Business: none

 Bonnie Holzinger made a motion to adjourn the meeting at9:06 p.m. and it was seconded by Judy Kampwerth.  The motion carried with all ayes.
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 8:00 pm.


____________________              ______________________
Jean Steinman,   Pres.                     Mary Heeren, Acting Secretary




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